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OtsAV DJ Pro 1.90 (Cracked)

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Se7vn, Sep 30, 2012.

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    OtsAV DJ Pro 1.90 | 11.3 Mb

    OtsAV DJ allows you to DJ with ease and experience professional quality audio with optional video/karaoke. Two editions are available - Silver (Audio Only) and Pro (Audio/Video/Karaoke). Featuring automated beat-mixing, intelligent fade-mixing, and a broadcast quality Dynamics Processor, you will benefit from a high quality sound with a professional polish.

    Mix and beat mix video content at broadcast quality (50/60 motion updates, locked and stable), and present karaoke CD+G content. Present your music videos in a "MTV-style" with smooth titling, mixing and a scrolling ticker! This software provides amazing time-scaling quality having a range of +/-100% (right down to stationary and up to double-speed).

    Here are some key features of "OtsAV DJ":
    · Enhanced Definition (ED) video output
    · High Definition (HD) -- 720p video output (OtsAV TV Broadcaster only)
    · Improved Logging features (.csv file output)
    · Non-real-time Logging of all media
    · Improved Time-stretching (Ots Labs ClearScale Technology)
    · Automated Beat Mixing
    · BPM column in all song list areas
    · Match BPM button enabled
    · Native and adjusted BPM values displayed in decks
    · Waveform and Mix View displays
    · Attributes column to display media type
    · ASIO soundcard support
    · Video playback
    · Karaoke CD+G playback
    · Optimized for Hyper-threaded and Dual Core CPUs
    · Nebulous color option

    Home Page - http://www.otsav.com/

    Download Links:

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