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Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector's Edition FINAL

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by GhOsT^, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector's Edition FINAL


    In the northern part of the state, near the upper reaches of the Hudson River, there is a town named Sleepy Hollow. As is often the case, small towns hide big mysteries. A chain of bloody events commenced one ordinary night. A secret marriage and a new will have inflicted a dreadful curse upon this town. A terrible legend has become reality. The legend of a terrifying creature returned from hell.

    Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman CE Game
    - Discover secrets of Sleepy Hollow
    - Incredible gameplay
    - Over 50+ locations to explore
    - Additional bonus chapter
    - Integrated Strategy Guide
    - Brilliant soundtrack
    - Stunning wallpapers and screensavers
    - Version from Big Fish Games

    Just Install - Pre-Cracked

    334 MB

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